Drama in Mid Air on Jet Airways 9W 461

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Took off from Mumbai on a Jet Airways 9W 461, flew for 20 mins and we hear a LOUD explosion sound on the left engine, then the aircraft starts shaking violently for a few mins…everyone knew that we were not in a normal situation and it was bad….in panic for about 5-6 mins then turbulance stops and finally captain announces that we have to go back to Mumbai cause of some technical snag…ohhhhh man cant believe the calm and composure of the Jet Airways Crew…they declared full emergency and landed with fire engines chasing us..

Apparently it was left engine’s (Referred as Engine 1) gas tube which exploded due to temperature raise and the engine failed. We landed back with single engine…which is not a big deal though.

When your life is at stake, it puts some things in perspective…started writing a love message for my family and my entire company on my boarding pass….as if it would reach my family if we fell from that height haha..

I was very anxious and so was my entire family, they all received me at the airport when I took the alternate flight to Chennai. My family was in tears when I showed them the message I wrote on the boarding pass when the aircraft was having a free fall from 39000 feet after one engine flamed out. Of all the people I know the aircraft are built to fly safe with only one one engine. Still when the engine flames out suddenly the aircraft will definitely plummet and fall free until it stabilises on the other engine. I also know pilots are trained to handle such emergencies every time they go to simulators. All that is OK. When on flight at 39000 ft when you hear a thud and aircraft falls free the thought comes to your mind is ” what if the aircraft does not recover”…..It is something I will never forget in my life…


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