Dell Laptop turning into explosive

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After the bursting of cars, the next in line of turning into explosives are laptops, not just any other laptops but Dell laptops. Are you shocked! So was I when I read this article in Reuters. Apparently digital photographs of Dell laptop bursting into flames at a conference in Osaka was put up in a web site of ‘the Inquirer’ last week. The company immediately recalled the notebook and further investigations are on according a spokesperson from Dell. If any one of you could remember, sometime in December 2005, Dell had recalled some of the batteries used in certain of their laptops due to problems of overheating. Well this surely needs some research as to the model of the laptop, as the spokesperson from Dell had denied the announcement of the same.

So if you are in a possession of a Dell laptop, better take precautionary measures. Meanwhile I am going to check on the website of the inquirer myself. Hey looks like nothing is safe from cell phone to laptops…. then what do I carry? Well advancement in technology has its own price. It is better therefore to take all precautionary measure while using these gizmos. Due stay hooked on to this website, on more development in this news. Till then have safe conferences!

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