Dell and Linux Story:

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Though an old story, much remains to be analysed about Dell and Linux. After a two years of slow growth Dell has come out of its hibernation with a bang. Dell is marketing all its PC with Linux Open Source Software. It is reported that the online service which Dell has opened, is flooded with calls about the enquiry and installations. The major problem that Dell faces is with reference to the compatibility of the software and the support system. The non-tech users will be caught in a crux on the compatability issue.

The advantage position that Dell has, is that it would be saving around $60-$70, from the cost of the new computer, as Linux open source is quite cheaper than that of Windows. Also the PC would be inbuilt with softwares like that of Google Apps. While balancing the cost-benefit ratio, Dell will be doing good as far as the Developing Economies are concerend. This is becuase Developing Economies are more concerned with the cost of the system rather than the compatability issue. But as far as United States is concerned, compatability faces a major criteria and it is in the hands of Dell, as to how it would overcome the issue and capture the United States Market.

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