Dasavatharam Movie

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Was really thrilled to get Dasavatharam tickets that our office Vijay arranged for yesterday at Drive in theater. Should say driving in and watching a movie from your car or out in the air is a real good experience for sure. Imagine eating dosa or samosa, lying down in open air (please take your own mattress and pillows, not part of the ticket 😉 though) and watching your favorite movie.

Movie was super, I adore Kamal who himself is a very tech savy person and great learner. He never stops learning. Movie is got loads of technology, I think no Indian movie has seen, at least as far as I know. Especially the scenes where Kamal plays the role of a grand old lady who is shown shorter than the people walking next to her. I am sure synthesizing this role in to the movie would have been a great task. Tsunami was another scene. Attention to details is really great.

Story is very small though which is literally dragged for 3 hours, in my opinion. No usual love story and duets so lots of non sense is avoided. I am not sure how this will be taken commercially but for sure its a brilliant effort by Kamal Hassan as usual. Good watch for sure. Don’t expect a story when you go. Just try and connect the 10 characters he plays, else he will connect it for you end of the movie.

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