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Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer observed at the recent CTIA meeting about iPhone lauding its performance. Many discussed the iPhone and what it means to their business and the future of the Industry. Steve Ballmer also observed about the use of two or more phones by a single person and says that it shouldn’t be this way.

According to him a device must be able to manage many things simultaneously that should be the goal of Microsoft and other industries. They must be capable of running business application, unified messaging and also do the part of a gaming device.

Ballmer has observed that a mobile should be a multifunctional device in other words
“We have to think about the phone as almost a universal remote control for your life”

About the added features, many are raving about the wi-fi enabled iPhones. This could infact increase the demand for wi-fi networking city wide. Along with its many other features iPhone would also sport the added feature of an ‘web forecaster’. Well with so many features and advantages packed into one, iPhone will be the most popular device.

Source: Reuters

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