Couch Potatoes have their day!

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After the huge runaway success of TiVo is now the turn of Apple. Yes Apple’s CEO has announced the arrival (though a week early!) of Apple TV, this is nothing but a mutation of the Cable Set top box and that of the Mac Mini(a wireless router). What apple aims to do is to bring about a consensus between Internet and that of Television.

Though people are skeptical about the success of Apple TV, and people at Apple believe that it will take some time before Apple TV can make a mark, because lot of people are in the race of connecting Inernet and that of Television. The reason behind the skeptisim is that people still like to watch some of the Soaps, Football League matches over television than in their computer.

The main contention of Apple TV is that people can buy movies and videos from from iTunes and can download them from iTune or stream them directly to their living room Television sets. Things that Apple must take care is that they need to have a clear picture on the pricing strategy and the downlodable content( they must be interesting and must reach huge number of mass), people who had burnt their fingers already on similar type of strategy is that of start ups like Akimbo and MovieBeam. Well the one reason that Apple TV might still be successful is because of their strong technology back up. Well, Well Well let us see how this bridging of gap between Internet and that of TV is going to work out!

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