Contd. Infrastructure: A comparitive study.

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This is in continuation of my article on Infrastructure: A comparitive study between India and China.

Mr. Bern Grush is the founder of this new system called as’ Skymeter’ well this is a satellite based system which can manage traffic and might be a solution for the growing need for an organised infrastructure. This system is called as skymeter because it uses satellite like that of Galilieo and GPS. The methods adopted by the system are as follows: Skymeter helps in monitoring traffic with the help of which fines are levied for motorist driving during peak hours. Another is through Escalated parking method, i.e charging more for more hours of parking and last but not the least it hlps the insurance agency to offer better rates to safer drivers.

Guess some of the methods are already adopted by London, well I think some of this must be adopted by India, what with ISRO making leads with its innovative methods I am sure they can take help of some of the satellites to offer solutions to traffic and hence help to maintain the traffic and other infrastructure facilities in the country.

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