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Before you think that I am doing an ad. campaign for ‘Lays’, please be assured that I am talking about Intel Chips. If you have heard the news then you heard it right!The worlds most successful Chip maker will soon be opening shop in China.

The details are as follows the Northeast belt of China, called Dalian in the Liaoning Province is the place where Intel will start producing Chips. Intels presence In China is more than few years, but the top brass at Intel have decided that time has come to make China their base for production too. And what is more than the Chinese giving their financial aid and infrastructural aid (hey! remember my article on Infrastructrue: A comparative study between India and China, here is another example for the same), China has more than given a welcoming hand by giving tax breaks and other aids to Intel to set up their factory here. of course the other factors such as the Intellectual Property rights apply wherein Intel has decided to use its older technologies rather than the new in the production of Chips (that is the reason that Intel has decided to produce chip rather than that of their other ‘technological breakthroughs’ ) the reason behind using technology two generation behind is that China does not copy the same for Weapon manufacturing(well security do play an important part).

So the first set of chipsets will be ready to be released by mid 2010.

This is one area that India needs to draw cue and act on its Infrastructure and other Financial benefits that it can offer foreign investors….It is not worth sighing at China’s immense growth but it is time we learn our lessons!

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