Celebrities leave their footprint in the market!

Posted by | August 25, 2006 | Business | No Comments

Guys if you think that only big companies make the share prices rise or fall you are grossly mistaken! Yes in this new era, some thing like share prices have heavy linking to celebrities. Are you surprised, then you have not been abreast with the recent news. All one can hear nowadays is about Tom Cruise splitting with Paramount! And what is more Mr. Cruise has now entered the foray of ‘hedge’ market. Any guesses as to who broke this news to the world. It was Wall Street Journal! Guess celebrities do leave a mark when they throw their ‘star tantrums’. Ok coming to our desi situation, none other than our Shahrukh khan was the recent celebrity to join Jet Airways…guess this is in retaliation to Ms. Yana Gupta being the brand ambassador for King Fisher. Companies are trying to lure celebrities into their board to make an impression to the public as trying to increase their standing in the stock market.

Hey this is too much of glamour for me to take on in a day! And too much of celeb.talk in a week

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