Celebrating 15 years of Glory @Market Simplified

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It is not just a journey of 15 years. It is about the people walking alongside, the tenacity of dreams, and the partnerships that made them real.We’re celebrating 15 years of Market Simplified India Limited.

More than a decade of delivering mobile solutions for financial institutions across the globe, it’s always nice to mark special occasions with employees who are the backbone for any organisation. Market Simplified was reminded of that pleasure on 25th September 2019 as we held the first of several celebrations to mark our 15th Anniversary.  Surrounded by our employees and a host of special guests, we hosted a gala event at Taj Fisherman Cove, Chennai.

Not every company successfully competes – let alone leads in their industry for 15 years, so Market Simplified is pleased to take a few moments to celebrate this success.

The event marked wide and avid participation from MSIL family. In the first half, Senior management enlightened us by their speech. Various team building activities took place to get everyone engaged. Numerous games were organised by the HR Department and received utmost engagement from the team. The first event was a dance competition between 4 teams of 25 members each.  Each team was given a music clip which would stop in 2 minutes, and the contestants would freeze in the same position for 2 minutes, the ones who move are out of the competition. There were 3 winners from each team and were awarded with goodies by the senior employees of MSIL for their performance. Many such entertaining events followed prior and post lunch also.

It was a prominent event which played the role of a stimulant to happiness and acted as a stress buster, letting everyone take their minds off work. It was truly an incredible event which will remain in the memories of the employees. Team mentioned their special thanks to Abhilasha (HR) and Rajesh (Operations Manager) for conducting such a successful event.

About the author: Deepti hails from the Business Development team at Market Simplified and her business card reads Business Development Executive. She is obsessed with wanderlust and never says no for trips and tours. She claims herself a foodie and cooks well too.

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