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Contd. Infrastructure: A comparitive study.

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This is in continuation of my article on Infrastructure: A comparitive study between India and China.

Mr. Bern Grush is the founder of this new system called as’ Skymeter’ well this is a satellite based system which can manage traffic and might be a solution for the growing need for an organised infrastructure. This system is called as skymeter because it uses satellite like that of Galilieo and GPS. The methods adopted by the system are as follows: Skymeter helps in monitoring traffic with the help of which fines are levied for motorist driving during peak hours. Another is through Escalated parking method, i.e charging more for more hours of parking and last but not the least it hlps the insurance agency to offer better rates to safer drivers.

Guess some of the methods are already adopted by London, well I think some of this must be adopted by India, what with ISRO making leads with its innovative methods I am sure they can take help of some of the satellites to offer solutions to traffic and hence help to maintain the traffic and other infrastructure facilities in the country.

Market Watch in the U.S.

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As reported by the ‘Wall Street Journal’ as far as the market in U.S was concerned, stocks showed a weaker increase after the labour market showed a very less increase as far as the job creation was concerned in September. Dow Jones showed a lower trading when the industrial average had fallen to 11 points. Standard and Poors also showed a decline of 1.3 points. Nasdaq retail fell down to 2.5. As far as the individual companies are concerned, Micron Technology is in news, as its stocks surged with an increase in its profit by about 28%.

The non-farm payroll though increased to about 51,000. The September unemployment rate had fallen from 4.7% to 4.8%. As far as the crude oil prices were concerned it had risen to about 16 cents per barrel. As far as the dollar was concerned, the Euro was at

$ 1. 2621 from $1.2624


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According to a report in the ‘Economic Times’ India is all set to welcome, $12 billion as Foreign Direct Investment. India had surged in April-July by about 92%. One of the most important and major investments this year was that of Barclays Bank of Singapore, which has brought about an investment of $380 million. The major recipients of the increased investment would be that of the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector is all set to increase its share in the growth of the economy to 25% from 17%. So the manufacturing sector as well as the other sectors are all tuned and ready to receive its first major foreign investment this fiscal year. But India should gear up all its mechanism especially infrastructure, such that India grows as attractive a lucrative economy to attract more foreign investment which invariably would lead to growth of the economy.


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As far as the Asia market was concerned, it is also posed higher figures. Japan showed a increase in trend, as banking and real estate geared up. The top gainers were Mitsubishi Estate and Sumitomo Mitusui Financial group. In Korea LG Philips LCD and Hynix semi conductors. South Korean stocks fell as construction business fell. China stock market did well with the Banks leading the way. As far as Australia was concerned, the global stocks and commodities led the market and hence the stock market reflected an all time high.

U.S Market watch

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Everything seems to be on a high rise as far as the stock market is concerned. The major boost came after FedEx, decision to hold on to their rates for the second consecutive month. As far as the tech. World is concerned it looks like there are more mergers, that could affect the stocks, but in the right manner. Example is has decided to offer itself to Yahoo to a price that could be as close as $1 billion. This could provide a rise as far as Yahoo stocks are concerned.

As far as reports from wall streets are concerned it looks like the labour market in the U.S. is very concerning, unemployment seems to be on the rise and can very well touch 318,000 late this month. This could very well affect the growth factor of the economy.

Commodity Market

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In what is considered as a welcome move, India has opened its doors to the commododity markets. The Forward Market Commission had recommended to the Ministry of Finance that it allow Foreign Institutional Investors to invest in commodity market like that of Gold, Crude oil and other commodities. Mr. Sundaresan the chief regulator commodity regulator is of the opinion that investments should be welcomed in the commodity market. While the approach much be cautious and gradual. It is also understood that a investment ceiling would soon be levied on the investments in the commodity market. India is one of the most potentially viable market as it has been a major buyer of gold, silver, crude oil and other commodities. Well if a protocol is fixed as far as FII investmnent in the Indian commodity market is concerned, then there can be profitable exchange for all the Markets concerned.

The market seems to be facing the sky!

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The market is all geared up. Dow Jones Industrial average seems to be high by about 12 points and that of S&P by 0.7 points. As far as the economic market was concerned, it showed a positive note, where the Federal Reserve is not expected to increase more than 5.25% but is likely to maintain the same level of 5.25%.

After the Group of Seven meeting held in Singapoe, the Dollar seems to be ahead of the Yen. As far as the Asian market is concerned, Taiwan seems to be leading the pack, with technology shares taking the major chunk of the day.

PRETEXTING is the buzzword

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Ever since HP adopted this practice to smoke out the member of the board who was responsible for leaking information to the press. The use of this method has bought HP under sever criticism and the person who is bearing the brunt of this is none other than Ms. Dunn, Chairman HP. The use of Pretexting as a method of investigation had led to failure of renominating of Mr. Keysworth (who was found to have leaked the info) and resigning of an erstwhile boardmemebr Mr. Perkins, who was one of the people under investigation. Other than these the two journalists of Cnet (which had published the story in early Jan this year) were also the subjects of investigation.

Pretexting is a method by which an identity of an individual is used to gain information about his credentials and records, in other words obtaining information of an individual by assuming his identity. Pretexting as a form of Investigation is not generally unlawful, except in case of using it in financial institutions. But anyways AT&T has gone ahead and filed a lawsuit against HP for obtaining data from its sources. Though this form of investigation has helped Dunn to identify the black sheep, it has more than bought a lot of uncalled for attention to her.

Transparency is the word!

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The man behind the most powerful institution in the world seems to be a man of transparencies and no nonsense. If you are wondering as to whom I am talking about, it is none other than that of Mr. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States of America. Unlike his predecessor Mr. Greenspan, who made the media and the market hang on to each word of his speech, the present Chairman feels that the Institution itself must be given more freedom and must be transparent in its approach, such that the working of the institution would give the cue as to the expected change in the market and not only his words. The attitude of the present Chairman is evident when he gives more space to the other policy makers and gives his own opinion or speech towards the end. It is evident that the new Chairman does not wants his words to dictate the vagaries of the market, instead wants the institution to speak for itself. Probably this is one way where the Chairman seems to bring about stability in the economy, wherein a smooth and transparent working Federal Reserve would bring about security and in a way little stability to the economy as the communication from the institution to the market would be direct without any sort of misinterpretation or misrepresentation, well one needs to wait and see how Mr. Bernanke’s approach would bring about a change in the market situation of the worlds most powerful economy.

British Minister David Miliband goes online!

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British government minister David Miliband[Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)] has at the moment stopped postings in Wikipedia temprorily, after some comments in wiki has started questioning about the Government standing in Environment contracts. Mr. Miliband had started posting on the wikipedia on an experimental basis. At the movement all the editing work as far as the Government contracts on Environment projects are prevented. Miliband has expressed his views that wiki would generate useful comments as far as this project was concerned, and said his temprory prevention of all the editing programme is to prevent any sort of vandalism, well this is one news from Cnet shows as to how Government is using Interactive web page to promote many of its programme.

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