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More on my run ;)

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In continuation of my runing I started, I should say that there is one great guy I took inspiration from, Harishankar. All you guys should know him by now, our HR Chief and the guy who co-founded the Chennai Runners.

The day I called and told Hari that I wanted to run and that I bought a pair of Nike shoes, he came rushing to office dropping all his work, very excited. He said he is super happy because I have already started to think in the lines of running. He ensured that the enthusiasm doesnt die in me. This was followed by the running with Hari early next morning morning.

Was in the office till early morning, realised that if I sleep I wouldnt be able to make it to the run, so went to Hari’s place about half hour early. This was just in response to Hari’s enthusiam to see me running if not my own haha. Hari started with teaching me with some warm up workouts before we started our run. This is a must to ensure that you dont injure your legs. The stretch again follows the run, now this is to ensure that we dont end up with cramps.

Now coming to the most interesting part. Met with a 55 year old Dr. who started running for a cause. Really felt that my energy levels tripled after I met this gentle man. Great guy to be friends with. Spoke a lot of things during the run. And when we were returning back, Dr. said hi to some one who was crossing us, a guy about 6ft tall, well built and a nice pony tail. Guys I knew I was poor at guessing age but never knew I was so pathetic, I told Dr that he should be in his early 60s, to my biggest surprise, this gentle man who was running with all the worlds energy and his face full of life was in his early 80s. Believe me guys I think every one who is complaining about their health should just go and look at this gentle man running. Iam sure even the last guy will get inspired by him to keep himself healthy and fit.

Hope my Perseverance doesnt die and I keep running. Will be running in the evening again today. Will post on this in a couple of days among other things.

Bears and Bulls take a back seat….at times!

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Stock markets interest me. I breathe my business, but at times these take a back seat…especially when I sit and think about all the people and institutions that mattered to me! We necessarily need to give back to society what it gave us…in my case opportunity. Opportunity to education, opportunity to compete and opportunity to utilitse the various resources. The question now arises, what have I done for the society. It is the same as what have I done for my parents. Only when there is give and take in the environment…in the place we live, in the place we work, will there be an equillibrium. These are the things that everyone must ponder and contribute.

I contribute as much as I can to the society and in a manner which really reaches the well – deserved. Everyone has the capacity to contribute…doesnt matter what but to whom and how and if it does really make a difference!

We talk about India competing in the global market. To be at par with the developed nations. This can be done only when we give others an opportunity to equip themselves to contribute to this society.

Tomorrow in another day…we will all be busy with our work, but we need to pause and think about others. It is important and necesary.

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