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Nintendo summit

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What is in store for gaming geeks like us! well we need to wait and see after the Summit which is to start on Friday, about their new products and the gaming plan they have for 2007. Prime 3, Party 8 and Pokemon and some stuffs which the gaming geeks are looking forward to. The opinion coloumn will be soon open on sites like and that of wired. Guess we need to take a look at those by the end of the day.

By the way Ninentendo V seems to be the hot choice for our team to unwind at INXS.

Some home news

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Long time we have been tracking at the U.S Market, let us turn our attention to India, which has some good news. For one the rupee finished better than the entire week on Friday closing at 41.22/23. The Industrial growth this March has been good and has surpassed the expected level of 10.4% to 12.9%. But with the inflation on the rise it looks like the monetary policy might undergo a further tightening, probably after July. Of course the RBI has increased the lending rate to keep the infation under check. The Inflation rate is at 5.66%/yr as of now. Earlier the rupee appreciation has provided much ground for rejoice, the present political scenario also might mean a very comfortable situation for the rupee.

The reason for lower inflation rate might be due to two reasons, one because the agri-products like production of wheat was higher and also the Sugar prices was on decline. But still the inflation might be high as compared to 3.90 percent which India had achieved about an Year ago Also to keep the inflation in check the Reserve Bank of India had increased the Lending Rates to Banks.

The Yellow Metal

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The Gold prices seem to have not made any new highs even with the dollars coming down. Expecting more activity after the dollar prices declined, Gold also declined. But with the Euro also sagging against the dollar, Gold has not found a better footing. Investors also sold gold on the speculation that Euro’s rally against the dollar will stall. Failure of Gold reach $700 per ounce had also discouraged the investors. Thus there were lot of selling in the market, but it failed get a good buyers list.

Well that was on the bullion front, which was not very satisfactory. As far as the stock market is concerned NASDAQ did recover and made for an upward surge. utilities provided the safest bet for tuesday. My analysis is that the market will continue to surge forward in the days to come.

Fed’s view

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The next meeting by the Fed is scheduled to be on 9th of May. The Fed’s believe that the rate would be stuck at 5.25% which seems to be the case since June. As far as the economy is concerned, it has registered a slow growth of about 1.8%. The manufacturing sector saw a slow growth, the housing sector was on its all time low. Clothes and apparels are appraently doing good. Bernanke feels that as far as the inflation rate is in check and if it start receding, there would not be a crisis. But the lower growth in the economy might ease the inflation.

The 1.8% growth rate was due to the fact that the economy is trying to recoup itself from the gulf related issues. Well the lower growth in the manufacturing sector might be due to the fact that a slow growth in the housing sector has lead to lesser demand in furnitures, woods, appliances etc.

Air Sho

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Giving work a break, I decided to see the ‘Air show’ performed by IAF personnels near the Marina beach. The show was to begin at 5.00 in the evening on 21st. All the roads in Chennai were leading to the Marina on Sunday, all the routes seemed to be blocked and traffic was being diverted. Looks like there were many who wanted to see the feat by the IAF personnel. Since there was no way I could get to the Marina since it was Jam packed and seeing the show from there either meant losing one of your limbs or you wallet (I was ready to loose neither!), i tried the next best alternative….i went to the ‘Citi Centre’ if you are thinking I am crazy, you might bother to find out that there were lot like me.

Yes I went to Level 4 (if you thought smart brains…there were others like me up there!) in citicentre, of course sensing that the crowd was not for their service (which in either case is pathetic) the crew of lv 4 tried their level best to push most of them out…hey but not me, i was there for my cappuccino (of course the air show came free with it). The capu. was bad, pathetic yuck! but the air show was fantastic. It was a mindblowing feat by many of the personnels. The fighters were in their orange and white paints and looked like some extinct beautiful birds!. The tri-coloured smoke looked spell binding, the best part were when the fighters made a heart with another passing a arrow through it (some start stuck lover could have used it as a right time to propose!). The best feat according to me were from the choppers who did some seemingly impossible and amazing stint…like flying backwards, flying vertical (many did not realise how dangerous it could be given the propellers of three choppers being so close together!) Well I just held my breath and saw the most amazing site… what could be a treat for a flight watcher like me!

Well the show came to an end at around 6:15 I guess and having nothing else to do, i took the elevator down to the basement!

Hearing out Infosys!

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Logging on to the webcast on the ‘Earnings Conference Call’ held between the management of Infosys and the rest of the callers on 13th April 2007, really gave an insight into Infosys managment, their performance this quarter and their projection for the next. One thing that enthralled me was the clarity of vision that the managment had and this really did make the differnece on the performance of Infosys.

Infosys expected a 20-30% of growth margin. Taking over the reins of CEO and MD Mr. Gopalakrishnan gave assurance that there is a growth of 1.7% increase in terms of new clients. As far as growth of employees were concerned, they were expected to grow around 6,100 by next quarter and around 24,500 by the next fiscal.

According to Mr. Bala, the operative profit might have gone down during the end of the quarter because of the rupee(depreciation) impact. But overall the figures were as usual quite impressive.

Answering to questions posed by various professionals and investors the managment did give a positive response and had given a good response as far as their spending pattern and their emphasis on ‘consulting’ were concerned.

Inspite of the not so rosy picture of the U.S. economy was concerned, the managment were sure that they would definetly be on the path of growth as far as their U.S stand was concerned because of their existing and new customers

So any of you holding infy share can be rest assured about their performance, (as usual)!

Google makes its presence in the Internet Ad. strong.

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Google’s is all set to acquire ‘Double Click’. This acquisition will make Google’s presence in the internet advertisement stronger. The acquisition will make Google’s presence stronger and more powerful and of course faster. This acquisition would take Google to the front against Yahoo and Microsoft. The acquisiton would be closed somewhere later this year. Scmidt is all excited about this new venture. Good Luck Google.

Temprory gains

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With the recent distrubances in Iran/Iraq, and other factors, the oil companies seems to be having a great time reaping in what is called as the ‘windfall gain’. Of course the trend might not continue for long. With more acquisition and the oil producing countries demanding higher share of wealth, U.S might not give in. Also there is a passive force for inventing newer, replacable form of fuel. With renewable source and topics on ‘ethanol’ ruling the roost these oil companies might not continue to savor the ‘profit’ for long. Records indicate that collectively the U.S and Western European oil companies earn around $120 billion and this is double the amount they had earned in 2003. Guess the tide might turn around soon and these oil companies might start strengthening their R&D department.

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