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Uttarkhand- Life lessons?

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Many articles and reports have
flooded the dailies giving the gory account of lives lost and properties
damaged.  I for my part have been dreading the headline from June 16 when
this mammoth destruction started.   We could barely fathom the number
of lives lost.  The rescue measure, the blame games of the government has
found articles side by side.  Nevertheless it is one of the worst disasters
in the History of India. 

a corporate,  Market Simplified pitched in  to the Uttarkhand flood
the by collecting funds from our team members, Market Simplified was able to
collect INR 50,000/- towards the same.  Media, corporate s all over India have come
together in this common cause and the relief funds have been executed.

questions raised - Is this a wakeup call by nature to us? Is this
nature way of showing her extremities and a lesson that we could never over
power her however developed as a race we are.  The question is – Are we to
be blamed for the loss of lives? Was it even evident to the people who had
built commercial complexes on the riverbeds and the areas surrounding the Char
Dham area that it was viable for buildings?   Was even a report
or analysis done before the buildings erected…obviously not!!! And sadly the
price paid was quite heavy in the form of lives.  Are we to be blamed as a
human race to bring about the global warming which seems to raise the water
level at this alarmingly high rate? 

the uttarkhand flood was not a single independent episode, there was Calgary
river rising presently, the European flood in June….can we attribute it all to
Global warming and that this is really the wakeup call for us?  To  start thinking globally and act reasonably, rationally
towards the environment, also as far as our country is concerned to start
sticking to rules and to really pull up our socks and be on an alert before we
are caught off guard and let the event take its course?

My Maiden Marathon

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A First Marathon can be described as anything as follows: a Triumph, a personal achievement, a bit of craziness anything, but to someone who has just finished a full marathon after being on the training circuit for a while, it is nothing short of a Milestone in line. Every marathoner has a story and I am no exception, I would love to share my experience.


My first Marathon, an entire 41.195 km was nothing short of a victory to me. I was not in the best of my physical condition to complete the task of running the difficult terrain of Auroville. Though many refrained from telling me that it was one of the difficult trails for a first Marathon, for the only benefit that I will not be discouraged on my first marathon. I owe a lot to my running buddies for keeping it in hiding (to be seriously taken in the humorous spirit!)


So here we go, I was running a temp of about 100 degree centigrade plus the previous night. Was having a bad headache and was actually going through a bad time in all. And I seriously discourage anyone attempting to run a full marathon, if you are undergoing any of the above or even one symptom, but the DNA in me urged me to complete what I started!


Auroville is one of the most beautiful trail that you can ever run. Kudos to the organizers for their generosity and attention to details to care for the entire event starting from bib pins to water points. The run started like any other except that one had to hold a torch in their hand to see the trail in the wee hours of the morning. The first twenty kilometres went off well until the sun came out bright and shining on you. So did the temperature which started soaring after the first few pleasant two hours. Bhasker my friend was there giving me company till the 25th kilometre, then we just saw the 5HR bus coming close to us. Decided to join the bus which had 12 to 15 runners to try and complete the marathon in under 5 hours. By the time I boarded the bus cramps had creeped in to my legs. But I had decided to continue with them until the 31st kilometre. 31st Kilometer I had to get off the bus, and started limping and walking-this is when my good friend Bhaskar gave me a piece of advice, not to stop or sit, if you start realising your cramp, it will not allow you to continue further. The only company from the 31st kilometre was my iPOD and myself. It was one of the greatest mind battles that I have ever fought in my life. I cannot count the number of times, my mind was giving up on my legs and asking me to stop and every kilometre from thereon was winning mind over body, and playing the ‘mind game’. How true, when people told me that life is a marathon, I didn’t realize it until I crossed the 31st kilometre. Every kilometre beyond taught me one thing to ”NOT TO GIVE UP”. Crossed 41 kilometer, with run-walk, run-walk and one step at a time. There are many runners who kept encouraging me, to keep it going, and that is one of the things that I love about the sport. From 41st kilometre when I started hearing the music at a distance, it gave me a boost of energy and helped me to decide that I would be running the next kilometre and finish real strong. The last 100 meters was a real sprint to the finish.


Venkat  photo
Hari and venkat
Aurovile group
My timing was 5:31min. The best is around the corner and would soon find space in my ensuing blogs. The feeling that I got after finishing the marathon was inexplicable, it was happiness, agony with sense of achievement and of pure bliss. I would cherish my first marathon forever and I would love to do it all over again, sans my fever!!!

Navigating the Waves; The Savage Way

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Frank Savage: The name spells exuberance, confidence and most of all to navigate smoothly through life’s toughest challenges unscathed and glorious.

 We had the honour of having Mr. Savage visit our offices on 29th January 2013, a day which will be etched in my memory and the team of Market Simplified.

 A gist of Mr. Frank Savage, which I had got through various sources

Mr.  Frank Savage can be described as a global entrepreneur, Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and Director of many top companies, he is a yacht racing/Sailing enthusiast and has a  boat named after his wife ‘Lolita’ they have won many a trophies together.

 Mr.  Savage had a very humble beginning, taking inspiration from his mother who seeded the idea of enterpreunership, being an enterpreuner herself.  It was by his sheer grit, determination and wonderful insight into the world of business that he had risen in heights in terms of his career beginning from his first banking job at Citibank to his present position of the CEO of the his own venture- global financial services company Savage Holdings LLC.

Mr. Savage’s rise from a humble beginning to the present status can be captured in his book called” The Savage Way:  Successfully Navigating the Waves of Business and Life” It is a very powerful memoir of a business leader.

 He held various positions in his period which included being the Chairman of Alliance Capital International from 1993-2001, being a Board member of Qualcomm Inc., LP Lockheed Martin Corporation(my favourite company as they are the creators of F16, F22 and F32 fighter planes and of course the most famous F177 Night Hawke among the other stuff they do in Space and Defence). Currently Mr. Savage is the CEO of Savage Holding LLC and in the board of Bloomberg apart from being the Trustee Emeritus of John Hopkins University and Director on the Board of Arab Banker Association, North America.


Thabo Mbeki (the successor of Mandela as the president of South Africa) asked Mr. Savage to join the International Investment Advisory council to help AFRICA as a nation to attract foreign investment.
Throughout his career, it is insightful to see that Mr.  Savage never lost the purpose while achieving the bigger things in life, he never lost the opportunity for the betterment of his community nor to take pride and draw lessons from his mother. 


The visit of Mr.  Savage and his interactions with the Market Simplified Team helped us to understand two things, never forget your purpose, your past and always begin your journey with the utmost confidence, like you own the world.  I guess these messages were given to us Loud and Clear by Mr.  Savage, it was a very interesting evening with a lot of discussion on Mr. Frank savage life, lessons and of course his recent visit to the pink city(Jaipur) where he had come for the literary festival.

Frank Savage visit

The 24 hour Codeathon @Market Simplified

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The year 2013 for MSF
started with a high adrenaline note with our own version of Ship it day.  Shipit was a 24 hour codeathon held at MSF
office, Chennai.  The day was 18th
January 2013.

The Background of Shipit
according to our Delivery Head, who had organized the entire program along with
the rest of the team from Market Simplified

“We want to create a work environment to foster
creativity and scratch itches. To play with new technologies and to build
projects together. To learn and to have fun.  Our hope is that ShipIt days will provide ample slack time that is
free of direction to spend on building new apps, fixing bugs, improving
internal processes, and contributing back to our communities.”

So with the basics of the Ship it
intact, it was time to commence the 24hour codeathon.

The Count Down: On Friday 18th January  2013 at 3PM 
the team talked briefly as a large group once more about what they  planned  to work on, and then dispersed  off into teams (or individually) to begin
working.  At
4pm, an hour was set aside for presenting their project in the Open Air Theatre,
which was judged by a jury. The Jury comprised of members from different teams
including Corporate, Finance, Technology and Sales

The outcome:  With 16
team and 56 participants, it was a huge event with a great success.  

Here is the crux of the projects that
were showcased:

  • Voice enabled
    trading application, Crash log reporter,
    Device console for QA to see the iPhone log.
  • A trading app to
    showcase new interaction ideas like Augmented Reality, Gesture Recognition, and
    some new innovative controls, helping user to trade quick and with much more
  • Log Viewer via
  • Automation and
    Release management for devices
  • Streamer Optimization in Backend & NIO streamer for Android.  
  • Two additional
    features for our existing Charts component in Android
  • MSF Encryption
  • Practices,
    Methodology, Guidance, Reference Document
  • "Predict N
    profit".  This app aims
    to make business out of a common and popular event like a Sports event,
    election etc.
  • Android App Widgets
  • Push notification for Android devices (GCM) 
  • Finding  NLP based keywords in News articles
  • MT4 application for
    BlackBerry 10.
  • Reliable,
    well-controlled and low risk continuous Integration and delivery for MSF

ShipIT 1

The Good  part
:  almost all the projects were ready to
be shipped at the end of the Codeathon.

The Impressive
 MSF has got a very strong team which can put
together some amazing release ideas in 24 hours!!

ShipIT 2

A quick look

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With election around the corner in the U.S.A there is much to expect from the economy. Trends have shown a positive effect on the market due to the elections. Right now the situation is that there is less on IT spending. The outcome of the lower IT spending is that DELL ‘s share is down by 10% on its quarterly profit earning. Perhaps there would be a turn around with the announcement of the Election results.

Nokia’s Gesture

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How many of us have unused mobile phones lying in our drawers, i think most of us have. Nokia in its recent press release in its website has reiterated the importance of recycling Mobile phone. Among the various mobile phone users across the globe, including India many do not know that phones are recyclable. Nokia’s site claims that about 74% of mobile phone users feel that they dont think about recycling. It seems that about 80% of Nokia’s mobile phones are recyclable. And do you know to what the various parts of mobile phones can be put to, well I was amazed at the number of uses – the list is from a kitchen Kettle to a dental filler! wow I surely did not know about this. According to the site even “if each of 3 billion people using mobile phones can bring back unused mobile phones, about 240,000 tonnes of raw materials can be saved and an equal amount of green house gas emission can be prevented”. So now you know what to do about your unused mobile phones!

check this site


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In spite of the one-child policy in vogue in China, it still faces the problem of growing population. But yet the progress that the country is making is quite phenomenal. Technology wise China might have a long way to go but are sure heading in the directions. After the infrastructure support that the country provides, i am in awe of the means by which its people arm themselves for the modern world. According to blogs and reports especially by the ‘China Internet Network Information Center’ about 253 million Chinese were online in June, it even surpassed the number of Americans online on the same period.

“With the Largest Amount of both Netizens and ccTLDs in the World, a Big Internet Power Is Taking Shape

by the end of June 2008, the amount of netizens in China had reached 253 million, surpassing that in the United States to be the first place in the world. This is according to a newly released Suvery Repot by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).”

Apple 3G iphone-a smart phone

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The question remains if 3G iPhone has joined the bandwagon of smart phones or business phones. It remains to be seen. But according to a latest release and a blog by Mark Selfe of Red Herring, Apple has reported about 10 million application download from its iphone application store. It has definitely joined the ‘must have’ category and a brand yearned for!

On the other side Treo has unveiled its Treo smart phone of Treo 800 which is priced under $250 and its carrier being sprint. Both Treo and Blackberry are definitely the ‘smart phones’ and business phones. It is the applications and its usability that can secure 3G its poisition among the ‘business’ group.

Knol is in

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News is that Google is coming up with its own Wikipedia version called the Knol. The difference between Wikipedia and Knol is that, Wikipedia does not give out the authors name and Knol does. “Knol will have one authors or group expressing their view or topic”. In case of Knol authors or writers cannot edit others work and can only comment. It looks like Knol would include ad sense programs. Other effects like that of text and photos would be included

Energy Crisis

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What is the immediate solution to the soaring fuel costs? Though the long term solution is to find alternative fuel with much expectation lying on solar and natural gas, the short term would be conservation of the existing fuel. In the United States some parts of the country are following the four day a week of schooling where the students need to attend school only for four days in a week and this has led to immense power saving in terms of transportation fuels and heating/cooling in schools. Though it had led to alarm initially parents managed to find alternative care for their children and it has become quite popular with attendance and performance improving. Source :-Reuters

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