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I know you guys out there must be thinking that i am going ga ga over ‘Automation’ this time, but cant help it, when technology gets interwoven into our lifestyle and it makes a helluva lot of difference in our lives. I can hear you people chuckle, because like me you have got used to those ‘gadgets’ around you and cant imagine a life without them.

Ok here is the tit bit for this week BMW is releasing its X5 range by the end of this year in N. America. Here is what the luxury car has to offer, well for one it has microcontrollers and sensors which can send the car signals regarding blind alley or any other disturbance. It can monitor the accerleration, steering angles and accordingly change speed. You can literally turn the car into a ‘sporty’ vehicle or make a more conservative use. What else can one ask for

The tech. part of the story is like this, ‘Freescale’ is providing the microcontroller bit for the Car. (well if you havent heard of ‘Freescale’, let me update you. Freescale is the microcontroller production house of Motorola) Well here is one car I am really waiting to hit the market!

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