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My look out for start ups with novel concept never cease and this article in ‘Red Herring’ on e-menu really caught my attention. Read on…

This is the concept of a new start up in Israel aptly called Conceptica. Accordingly customers can now order their food via computer using the e-menu technology which not only provides the menu with its respective rate but also provides delicious illustration of the food which might seem hard to resist for many customers. Conceptica has installed the e-menu technology in many of the restaurant. Frame a trendy sushi bar in Tel Aviv has adopted this technology and claim that their sale has increased by 11% in tables where the e-menu is installed.

Europe, U.S and Japan are getting used to the e-waiter technology where diners can now order from their table by clicking at the menu. The delicious pictures make customers to order more! This technology can be extended as part of the TV dinner or even computer game dinner.

There are mixed response to this technology while many welcome it as a different dining experience. Other feel that there is a lack of human touch even though it is only a waiter or waitress who bring the order even while adopting the e-menu technology. Europe might be a difficult market to breakthrough as many of the Europeans prefer the conventional dining experience.

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