Bringing the world to your Palm!

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Guess these exact wording should be the caption for ‘Berggi”, a new start up company who have tried to bring about a consensus with email and Instant Messaging services under a singer Interface and bringing in easier accessibility.

It is thus no more the luxury enjoyed by the top cream population of corporates but has trickled down to any individual owning a mobile and that means practically half the world population. Of course this is not anew venture but many mobile phone operators having been trying to integrate both email and IM services in their operation. This is enabled due to the WAP tech. But while going thru some of the analysis taken for Mobile usage, it is found that more than half the population over the age group of 37 years prefer e mail services while the younger generation are more tuned towards ringtones and text mssg services. Well this goes to show that companies like Berggi have a long way to go to tap the existing potential population. All the Best!

BTW any of you out there any idea as to what Berggi means! Need to check on Google and of course on my mobile!

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