Brief Profile – Venkat Rangan

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Venkat Rangan, 26
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, INXS

Venkat is a chief entrepreneur-in-residence at INXS. Venkat can be
described as a cutting-edge early entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of
several start-ups, picking at the loose ends of topics ranging from
telecom to multimedia to Wi-Fi. Previously, he was the co-founder of
Media IPX (Singapore), an obsessive start-up developing “Online Media
Convergence Network". Prior to which he founded Pacific Multimedia, a
multimedia upstart, servicing international clients such as Citibank,
N.A, Ford, Bharthi. From a humble 750sqt. office in Central Chennai
almost a decade ago, he has been exposed to a rich & varied
experience and has emerged as a larger than life leader. He was a key
driver of tele-medicine with Arvind Eye Hospital where he started one
of India’s first remote tele-ophthalmology network (ATN) in 1999.

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