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Nowadays Marketing strategy involves making a beeline for all the prominent bloggers. Some of the practice involved might make the bloggers to take notice and write about you but some might just not be the case. As an ardent fan of Guy Kawasaki (No this is not any marketing technique by me!) I came across an article written by him in ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine and hope this would be helpful for all those executives who are trying to adopt a ‘bloggers’ attracting strategy!

Some of the points are self explanatory, and some I really liked. I don’t want to reproduce the entire 9 points that Guy wrote but would point out some which is quite interesting and informative like that of ‘Create a Product’: Be sure that you have a great product in hand which can be talked and written about-simple and straight forward.
Secondly is to make connections to bloggers before you really need them and not that you approach them when you want to market your product alone, this would also help both of you to know each other and the blogger to really understand about your product and you. The last but definitely not the least is to be a ‘foul weather friend’, i.e even if the blogger seems to write negatively about your business or product, instead of steaming away at the blogger or ignoring it is best to see the actual point and see if there is room for improvements. Great compilation Guy, I really enjoyed reading it

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