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Today is 31st December 2007, a year to look back and evaluate once achievement and disappointments. One can learn from disappointments and take in achievements humbly (this everyone says but seldom practice). Looking back I feel that it has been a productive year for INXS with Marketsimplified being launched both in the U.S and India and having a good response, we have much expectation for the year ahead and are well to make use of the various opportunities that INXS will have. Yes everyone at INXS is in a joyous mood to welcome the New Year and it just reflects in the kind of productivity that we have been putting in.

Reflecting on the Year that was, I have compiled many article from CNet, Business Standards etc., CNet reports on ‘Green Tech Solutions’ and ‘Social Networking’ are as follows

Reports suggest that this year about $2.6 billion was funneled by Venture Capitalist into Solar and Bio fuels. One of the most sought after technologies for 2007 is supposed to be’ Solar Thermal’. The biggest investment of the year was in Great point Energy, where about $100 million was invested. Please note that Great Point Energy has the process of converting coal to Natural Gas. The recent trend being that most people are willing to pay more for Green technology, so the most profitable and sought after business is clearly ‘Green Fuels’

‘MySpace.Com’ was the most popular social networking site of the year; it continues to expand both in case of New language and original Media content. But the Social Networking site that made its mark is ‘Facebook’ it was catapulted into glory after its CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the site would be releasing a code which would allow third party users to developers to create applications that would run within the service itself, this profited the site so much that Microsoft was ready to invest $240 million(Please see my earlier article on Mark Zuckerberg). The other Social Networking site that has come to forefront are club Penguin which is acquired by Disney, and Stumbleupon acquired by eBay. Even though both Myspace and Facebook are faced with security issues, they remain the most popular social networking site of the year.

At home it was good news from the beginning with the Rupee appreciating, Sensex crossing the 20,000 mark etc. In a recent interview held with the many prominent CEO’ s of the country most of them are of the view that the Rupee would appreciate. A little more than half feel that Interest Rate would come down while around 30 percent feel that the Interest rate would be stable.

Well things are really looking good in case of technology, capital and for Indian Economy; what else could one ask for except thank our lucky stars that we are at the “right place at the right time”!

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