Barack Obama and The Change

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Its a historic win for Barrack Obama who is bringing in a BIG change to the history of the United states and also the whole world is expecting him bring in the BIG change which is much needed.
His first and the biggest task after being elected the President of the United States is to tackle the looming economic crisis. Here is Barack Obama’s version of the crisis
“The fact that we are even here voting on a plan to rescue our economy from the greed and irresponsibility of Wall Street and Washington is an outrage. It is an outrage to every American who works hard and pays their taxes and is doing their best every day to make a better life for themselves and their families. They are angry that Wall Street’s mistakes have put their tax dollars at risk, and they should be. I am too”….’ U.S. Senator Barack Obama today made this statement on the Senate floor on the Emergency Economic Stabilization legislation (H.R. 1424)’
Wow this says a lot to the world. Shows that his priorities are well set even before he takes to his new office.
According to the latest news from ‘Reuters’ “U.S. President-elect Barack Obama will not attend the global financial summit in Washington on Friday and Saturday and will not meet foreign leaders on the sidelines, aides said on Monday.” This is in keeping with his strong belief that there can be only one President at a time and goes to show the strong belief and character that the future President holds. Gentle Man I would say.
Well with many speculation afloat it looks like Barack Obama’s choice for Treasury post is going to be very critical for all of us. This would sum up as to how he is prepared to tackle the crisis.
Well what decision that Obama takes is entirely up to him and his team but sure the world is watching and waiting for The Change

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