Back in the race!

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Remember the shockwave that Sun had sent across the globe by opting for Advanced Micro Devices’ Opteron in early 2005, stating that the Intel chips were more power hungry. But the tide has turned in Intel’s favour this time. Otelli will endorse, Sun’s x86 version of servers thereby giving it the much needed elevation. This will bring Sun in par with Windows and Linux. Intel will help Sun by providing in with the hardware support and engineering resources towards the software. Ok you guys guess what is in store for Intel, if you are still frowning then you are out of touch with’tech’ news. Well the answer is that Intel will get to sell Solaris rights(big bucks!). Well though the partnership might boost ‘things’ for Sun, Intel does not gain large in this partnership, excep that it has suceeded in ‘bringing back’ its position in Sun, and of course as a morale boosting partnership. Well ‘Intel’ for one does not want to lose to its competeitors and as the present partnership suggests is very well back in the race!

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