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Our two members Business Team seem to be rocking in the Wealth Management 2008, summit held by the CFA Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. So far the response received for our Blackberry Application and for our ’Rockstaradvisor’-
http: //, seems to be really rocking. I would surely give you more updates on the conference as soon as our guys are back from United States.

At INXS we had really worked hard towards both our Blackberry Application and for the CFA summit infact at INXS we work hard and play hard….here are some of the snaps taken of few of our INXSIANS who celebrated their Birthday during the past week and this week.
This is our good old kiran who is soon getting married.

This is Hiran whom we all look upto at INXS literally!
Next B’day was of our important team member whom we shower our love and appreciation at the end of the month…yes he is our Corporate Head who is incharge of depositing our pay every month….oops the pic. of his cake seem to be the ‘header’ for my blog!
Corporate as he is fondly called celebrated his B’day in style……and successful in noth appearingin any of the photographs!

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