Artificial Intelligence no more thing of the future-It is here!

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If you guys think I am talking about the movie Artificial Intelligence, sorry. I am talking about the real world AI, and how it is going to dominate our world. In a article released by Cnet, the web page talks about search engines like Google. Though Google has made a major breakthrough as far as search engines and Internet Advertising are concerned (see my earlier articles on these!). Google is not the end of the world, but Infact the beginning a of a whole new era. Google has paved way for the dominance of Artificial Intelligence taking over our entire future. Search would slowly become, something taken for granted like ‘breathing’. It is in this scenario that AI would come into play by searching for words or sentences, which the searcher would exactly like to see. The scenario in google is that some of the words like ‘by’ ‘are’ ‘and’ are not taken into consideration while searching, instead the search algorithm, is programmed to search only the key words, well that would slowly change now with AI coming into full fledged activity. Search engines yet to be launched would solely based on AI, which uses human expression and interactions to search for the particular text. It would no longer be necessary for humans to break down sentences or use only keywords for search. Well that is for AI. With launch of more and more programmes that would use of AI, the day is not far off when computers would start to read the human mind and interpret their meanings!

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