Apple’s new Flavour

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While the rest of bloggers are busy anticipating what Apple’s next move for 2007, I dont want to be left behind. Well you people might have known about it, even then for the uninformed, here is a bit of news. Well the rumour has it then during the early 2007, Apple will introduce a device which will combine the feature of its ipod with that of a cell phone. The advantag is that it will give Apple a huge access to the wireless market. The phones will be the product of Cingular Wireless operated by AT &T and Cingular wiress feels that such a combination would be a huge hit among the subscribers. Well the majority in the market feel that Apple should enter arenas like that of cell phones and that of televisions. Well plans are already underway, wherein a new intereactive television would soon be launched by Apple. Well it is sure good thing to see Apple entering into various categores and diversifying its business. Good going and the flavours are really many and interesting

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