Apple’s win over recession

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Yes extensive travel does take its toll on people and I am no exception. But what made me blink and sit up was Apple’s results (yes it was released last week!) one company which seems to defy every prediction made and came out stronger than ever. It is one company which seems to look at ‘recession’ at its eye.

Mark Selfe’s blog on Apple iMac did give some good statistics. The second fiscal quarter for Apple was quite good, with a profit of $1.05 billion and a sale of $7.51 billion in sales, which is a 365 increase in profit. As I have repeatedly said before I believe in the strong product line of Apple. The two products behind the whooping sales were iPod and iMac. iMac sold around 2.29 million units and that of iPod 10.6 million. The next product which seems to have fallen below expectation was iPhone which fell a neat 26% than the previous quarter. The reason for the fall is because all the iphone followers are waiting for the next better version.

So until the next better and sleeker version unfolds, I guess I will joint the Apple followers bandwagon and wait!

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