Apple and Nike’s new formula.

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This news is all over, so why should I make an exception. Let me give you my idea of the new accelerometer that apple has come up with. This is the wireless generation so why would top tech company like Apple and the top sports accessories company be left out; they have teamed up together to bring about something amazing. This is called as the activity-aware kind or say ‘activity based tech. Accordingly the accelerometer is designed to snugly fit into a Nike sneaker (a special one of course!), depending on the speed, distance, a sensor relays the data to the receiver at the bottom of the shoe and this in turn transmits the same to the iPod computer which changes the tempo of the music. Hey need me to explain in simpler terms. Let us say that when a runner, increases his speed the music automatically changes to something of a faster beat and when he reduces the speed, the music automatically changes too. Say don’t you think this should be used somewhere else…for those of us who prefer to live in our car than to exercise, here is the good news, this new technology would be used in cars too, like the music changes to a different tempo, when the car is in a highway and something soothing during a traffic jam. Apple would prefer to use the technology in something more stationery kind of exercise rather than during cycling…they don’t want to cyclist to get distracted and end up in an accident!

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