Another VOIP with a difference.

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If you are thinking, that with Google, Yahoo, MSN and of course eBay skype already present, who is the new company. It is PLAXO. Yes it is the same company, which provided with centralised address books all over the world, which can be used with any applications, even Microsoft outlook application has been used by PLAXO. Their next logical step was to introduce the phoning facility. Any PLAXO centralised address book user can place a call through the address books and talk. The advantage of these services as mentioned by Mr. Golub, a senior executive at PLAXO is that unlike other VOIP it does not require speakers, headphones or other software’s, now that is good! Of course PLAXO faces a lot of competition from the giants like Google, Yahoo, MSN and eBay. But PLAXO is determined to keep afloat and break even by the end of this year. The one advantage and disadvantage of PLAXO is that it has entered into partnership with AOL for its phoning facility, the advantage is that just by partnering with AOL, its customers have increased, well the disadvantage is that AOL themselves have their own kind of VOIP facility. PLAXO is a small fish competing against some of the larger fish, but they are innovating newer user friendly technology at a cheaper rate for example this new VOIP costs are as follows: It is free for the first five minutes and is less than two cents after that, within the United States and is a fraction bit more for other countries in the world. Also the second innovation is an online calendar on the footsteps of Yahoo and Google. Well the advantage for PLAXO lies in its costs and its unique technology whereby the VOIP uses the already present address books and make it easier for business men to keep in touch with the likes of their community and their customers at the click of a button. Hey this is another way of helping multitasking.

Let me quote myself again, competition breeds success. With more and more similar innovations being made in the technology world, the already present giants would only try to improve theirs lest they be threatened by increasing number of technology. Consumer stands to gain with so much of choices and quality like never before.


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