Another Tech breakthrough of the century

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As the year advances and a new era sets in, one turns back and sees what he has accumulated over the years, and what do you see, well atleast I see a lot of Gizmos! It was rightly said more the materials more the worries. First step is you go on a ‘gizmo’ hunt, buy all that fancies you, next you worry about your favourite gizmos…’what if somebody whacks’ them! Well one of the most ‘whackable’ gizmo is that of your mobile phone(hey i can see your hand reach out to see if your mobile is safe!) Well for one mobiles have become a life support system and to safeguard them is all the more necessary (especially if you have an all accessories incorporated ‘thousands in one’ mobile). Ok to put your worries at rest, various antitheft technology has been introduced, other than the usual GPS tracker and voice recognition model the one that caught my attention was that of a technology called ‘Screamer’ well you are right, if you report the theft of your mobile, a scream is emitted from your mobile and an automotic system wipes out all data and shuts down the phone and what the thief is left is nothing but a piece of plastic…hey can you imagine when the mobile emits a loud scream (of a woman of course) and then the phone automatically shuts down and the thief is left preplexed and lord save him if he is surrounded by people!

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