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Alternative Energy might be the call of the day, but this has been preached and practiced by many belonging to the ‘sustainable living movement’. More that 10,000 people came to attend the ‘Sol fest’ held in the hopland California. Among others the major sponsorship was from Toyota and Sharp. The popular products showcased were the geodesic dome, bamboo pyramid and Yurt. Automated Teller Machine which runs on solar power, a solar powered carousel, a solar and hydrogen powered model house, Yokayo Biofuels and Imperium Renewable also showcased their products which were vegetable oils and gallons of biofuels. Of course a Benz run by biofuels and solar power was showcased. The show entirely was dedicated to sustainable lifestyle using renewable and environment friendly sources, and it was huge success. The only thing remaining is to make these inventories into mass production.

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