All roads lead to China

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The China market seems to be on a upward swing. What is interesting is this, the market made a surge upwards in spite of the remarks made by ‘Greenspan’. Greenspan’s comments were dismissed by many as misuguided and money seems to be pouring into market. While few invested less, there was a major upswing and the Shangai Composite Index scored around 2.11 percent. The upward trend might continue in China for sometime and the officials might even curb excessive increase by way restraining illicit money into the market.

Well Greenspans remark did not seem to deter the China market. This upward swing might lead to a positive outlook on the U.S. – China relationship.

All the talks of China markets makes me reflect on a program I had watched on a national channel, it shows Shangai as a city of sky scrapers. We all know that there is no dearth of land in China, the land mass is quite large and the city is not in an immediate requirement of Vertical Residence. But China just seems to tell the world that they are as ‘tall’ as any one else, and they are doing quite a good job out of it. Thanks to the Infrastructure facility and the organised manner in which the Government is acting, China has taken a tremenedous and successful journey upwards. China has so much to offer in terms of ‘lessons’ to us, so let us learn!

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