Airbus to run on computers

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Airbus, which is a product of European Jet maker, has come up with decision of replacing the pilots’ manuvering with computer gadgets, this comes in the wake of much air collusion, between many aircrafts. The computers will take charge as soon as an emergency is detected and will take over the flying of the aircraft, it will also rely information to the cabin and crew of the aircraft (who shall be shortly trained to listen to the computers during such emergency situations).

Of course such a decision has lead to some oppositions from the Pilots, and the safety executives, but the European company finds that at times the pilots can react wrongly given some emergency situation and put the airbus as well as the passengers into trouble. The idea behind the computerised cockpit is the safety of the passengers and the aircraft during any emergency. Conventionally, during a possible collision, Pilots are asked to switch off the autopilot and fly the aircraft according to the demands of the situations. But with the computerisation of the cockpits the computers would take charge and fly the aircraft. Well there are companies like the Boeing, which feels that pilots decisions are the best during the emergency situations, believe in the motto of the ‘captain taking charge’.

The first such computer installation by the company will be done on the A380 super jumbo jets.


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