After Effects.

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After my post on Black Friday, it became necessary for me to check on the after effects of the same. So started my scanning for the major reports coming from the U.S regarding the effect of the shopping season. The result seems to be mixed and was not very very bright.

My most reliable source was obviously ‘Reuters’ and according to the reports the shares saw a uphill on Friday, but it soon waned on Monday with the Dow Jones closing about 2% lower. Friday did seem to see an increase in the shoppers but what about the shopping itself; well here is some report from NRF or the National Retail Federation which shows that there were 4.8% more shoppers but each spent around 3.5% lesser so the picture was not rosy infact it is same as it was last year!

Wherase reports from Shoppers Trak seems to report that sales itself rose to about 8.3% higher, and sales is expected to increase about 3.6% higher in the holiday season. Like mentioned earlier attractive deals had attracted shoppers far and wide but worries are looming over, as the retailers might have cut down on profit or there might be a lean demand later which dosent look very encouraging. Well the weekend might have gone on good as anticipated but the after effects are still to be felt!

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