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Posted by | November 9, 2006 | Entrepreneurial | No Comments

I am all impressed by this start up company called as the Blue Tie. For starts this company is into providing email and calendering services and might be a tough competetion for Microsoft Outlook.

You might ask me what is it that is impressive about this start up companies, well for one it has got an impressive service of providing support to about 20 users per account and offers 5GB of space, well this is as far as free service is concerned. If you are a real business oriented person and need to use their service then they charge about $4.99 per month for all the services plus 10 GB of space, well I think that is quite impressive. The other factor which is quite unique in this start up is that unlike other free service provider like that of MS outlook and hotmail which makes money through the banners

(and advertisements online!) but would share their profits with their partners like Orbitz and Constant Contact who again provide services to small business like that of ticket booking and fax management. Well that is what i call as quite an impressive start up.

So people out there look out for Blue Tie and am sure they would certainly make a mark as far as email services are concerned.

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