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Today is very happy day for me and the family of INXS as our friend and colleague, Vinod Mutukrishnan has taken his ‘Wedding vows’. We wish him a prosperous and happy married life.

In the coporate world, the most important event seems to be that of positioning iPhone as the ‘Corporate Phone’. Next week, iPhone is planning to add some ‘exciting new features’. This seems to be after Steve Jobbs announced to bring about a ‘software development kit’ for iPhone. News is also that AT&T has allowed business accounts to be opened in iphones from early this year. The first ones who had adopted the new technology seems to be executive who wanted to use features like email while on ‘the go’. Also it is the hot topic of discussion as to how ‘Apple’ would view third party application development on iphone. RIM might be a participant in the third party application development program!
Source:- ‘Tom Krazit’ blog on CNet news.com

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