A Long weekend

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It might be the day after ‘Good Friday’ and the second day of a long weekend for many. But at INXS we toil to make the coming weeks good! Yes at INXS we are busy preparing for conferences that are scheduled for the next month in U.S.A, the detail of which I will be posting in the consecutive weeks. At INXS where we design and create with passion, the conference becomes our adernaline push to make things perfect!

With these happening at INXS, reflecting on the global economy I hope that the Fed. rate cut and the promise for more would only bring about a ‘positve attitude’ to the global economy. With news of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Lehman Brothers Holding Inc., have been put on the negative outlook by S&P (of course without changing their respective positions), forecasting decline in profits of these companies; much remains to be seen.

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