A ‘Flat’Friday

Posted by | December 29, 2007 | Current Affairs | No Comments

Yes, I am referring to the market situation in U.S. With the Home Sales not very good, it shows that the mortgage problem faced by U.S might well go into the New Year. U.S Home Sales fell much lower than that was experienced in November. Though Oil Prices did comparatively end lower on Friday, but for the week they were up by nearly 3%! The Home Sales and the unrest in Pakistan seems to have led to this ‘Flat Ending’.
The DJI was up by 6.26%, the S&P up by 2.12%. But we need to understand that the volume are well below the usual level because of the Holiday season. But hopes seems to be on the rise for the New Year as the Market though Flat, is not ‘Bad’ and a good starting for the New Year is expected.

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