A Day out at INXS

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Yesterday, we had a day out-actually lunch. The occasion was My Birthday and I decided that it was a reason to go out and relax, especially since it has been a while the team had gone out together. What would be better stress buster for the amount of work that the team was putting in! Well we decided to explore a new place for eat-out and decided on the ‘The Cascade’ in Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam. The first thing that hit me in KNK road was the number of high profile banners it was carrying and that too in a medium stretch of road. KNK is definitively a brand in itself!

The spread was Chinese and since we were divided into veg and non-veg I must say that all of us had our stomach and aesthetics senses satisfied, as were seated in a private room and the ambience was good. Starting with starters to the main course and desserts what could be a better way to celebrate when you are among your friends and team that has shared everything right from the start. The lunch was sprinkled with lot of heart filled laughter and satisfaction. With so much to look forward to I hope we can keep up this tradition and happiness. Here some snaps which speaks volume about the day and the happiness that we shared.

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