A bio degradable laptop!

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This is what is called as green revolution, or better still a green company. Fujitso has joined the bandwagon of ‘Green company’ by being manufactureres of Laptop chasis which is made of corn starch rather than petroleum, you throw away the chasis and it would blend or degrade with the environment in months time, rather than decades which a PVC takes. Fujitsu has already used corn starch to manufacture cell phones and point of sale terminals. Of course this has been bought out by Fujitsu in Japan, this would be shortly followed by US and other European companies. The manufacturing of the corn starch plastic itself causes less of carbon emission that that of manufacturing other plastics.

According to Cnet’s News blog, cereplast and Archer Daniels midland production might take this to a new level and this in turn would reduce the cost of production and hence the price of the product itself.

Guess this change should be bought about immediately the world over, especially with the results of the Greenland’s Glacier melting and the carbon content in the atmosphere getting higher, it is time we especially U.S.A and other Europe countries act fast and bring about this revolutionary change.

To know more do visit Cnet News Blog.

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