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Tamil New Year celebration @ Market Simplified

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Puthandu, the Tamil new year, falls on 14th April every year as per the Gregorian Calendar; it marks the first day of the year on the Tamil calendar. However, at Market Simplified, we celebrated it on Friday, 12th April.  It was a great event which saw wide and enthusiastic participation from the MSF family. Three games were organized by the HR Department to get everyone engaged. 

The first was a competition between eight teams of 8 – 9 members each. Each team was given some random items like paper cups, plates, wooden spoons, sticks, balloons, chart papers, and more, which they had to use to make something meaningful. The teams came up with really good themes like Save The Girl Child and Follow Traffic Rules; some even came up with musical instruments. Two teams ended up in a tie for the win; one team had created beautiful toys like plane, car, doll etc. from the artefacts provided, and the theme they followed was ‘Zero Waste’. The other team created some art pieces based on the theme of Tamil New year, creating some dolls and depicting some celebratory activities. The competition was judged by senior management of the company, and the winners were awarded prizes.

Another game held was “passing the ball”. In this game, people were seated in the amphitheatre and a ball was passed as music was played. When the music was stopped at a random moment, the person who had the ball had to pick out a chit and perform the task specified on it. The game was fun-filled; various tasks, such as reciting a tongue-twister, giving a small speech, and some enactments, were performed by the Market Simplified family. Another game of blowing up the balloon in 1 minute also saw a great participation of my colleagues.

It was a great event which played the role of a catalyst to happiness and acted as a stress buster, letting everyone take their minds off work. It was truly a remarkable event which will remain in the memories of the employees. I would like to thank Abhilasha (HR) and Meena (Accounts) for conducting such a successful event, and to all my colleagues for making it a success with their participation.

About the author: Aditi Jain is currently an intern at Market Simplified India Ltd. She is pursuing MBA from Institute For Financial Management And Research (IFMR), Chennai.

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