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5 Exciting Use Cases Of Blockchain In Financial Services

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BlockchainOne of the most trending topics in the Fintech industry is Blockchain. We touched upon a few points that enable a better understanding of the technology and how to use it in best possible ways?

What is blockchain?

Blockchain, is a digital, distributed transaction ledger with identical copies maintained on each of the network’s members’ computers. All parties can review prior entries and record new entries as well. Transactions are classified and grouped into blocks and recorded one by one in a chain of blocks. Cryptography protects links between blocks and their content, so that prior transactions can neither be destroyed nor forged. This technology is decentralized which means there is no central authority in this transaction network. 

According to PWC’s ‘Global FinTech Report 2017’, 77% of financial companies plan to adopt block chain as part of their production system or process by 2020. By identifying this huge potential in blockchain, technology start-ups are investing in this space.

Total Investment in Blockchain Startups

Top 5 Use Cases of Blockchain:

1. Share Trading

Blockchain will have a great impact on share trading. Implementing this technology helps in increasing greater trade accuracy and a shorter settlement process through automation and decentralisation.

2. Cross-Border Payments

The transfer of value has always been a costly and time consuming process. This is particularly true in case of cross-border payments. Blockchain technology reduces the cost and makes the process efficient in a simple way.

3. Smart Contracts

One of the most important applications of this technology is the smart contract. It automatically executes commercial transactions and agreements. It also fulfils the obligations of all parties in a contract – without increasing the expense for the middleman.

4. Loyalty & Rewards

This technology offers many advantages, like traceability of transactions and transparency. This will help financial institutions and insurers to create a more captivating loyalty and rewards program that provide 24/7 performance management and enhances engagement.

5. Identity Management

When identity management is transferred to blockchain, users will be able to choose how to identify them and who will be informed. They still need to register their identity, but after that, they can re-use that identification for other services.

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