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We were so glad to have Mr. Sekar Jagannathan address us on 13th October 2016 to share his thoughts on ‘clarity of thought and the power to achieve ones goal’. Most of us know that Mr Sekar is the CIO of EB Global JV, Malaysia. Well, not just that. He is also the founder of ‘7C Life,’ an organization dedicated to spreading awareness on ‘celebrating life’ and activating inner success mechanism and personal wellbeing through self-empowerment and meditation.

Mr. Sekar started his talk with a statement “All of us are spiritual beings having human experiences.” He went on to explain how all of us have a ‘self within’ which meant that we all thrive with a sense of possession at various levels.

For instance, we say, “MY book, MY life, MY family, and MY career,” so and so forth. What is this MY? Where is the mind that keeps saying “MINE”? This sense of possession comes from Knowledge.

“We all know what we know, from our experiences.” Experience comes from what we have tried earlier and/or from what society has taught us.

Here, Mr. Sekar gives an interesting analogy from the life of a baby in its early/ formative stages.

How does a baby say he is hungry when he can’t even talk? He cries and his mother tends to him. Does he know what milk is? Does he know if he will get it for sure? Does he know if it is warm or cold? All he knows is that he is hungry! So, how does the baby still succeed in getting what he wants? What is the need for the baby here in this case? His hunger! His hunger needs to be satiated. This is why knowing ones needs, is very important. In order to achieve what one wants, he/she must first know what he needs! In this case, the baby knows exactly what he needs.

As a baby, we have the ability to achieve anything. We are sleepy, we are put to sleep; we are dirty, we are cleaned up. The baby does not even say a word. All he does is cry to get the attention of his mother. The baby really does have the power to get what he wants, doesn’t he?

So what happens to us when we grow up? Have we lost this power in the process of growing up?

The answer is “No! We haven’t. We have just forgotten that we have this power.” How did this happen?

Knowledge! As we grew up, we were told what is right, what is wrong, what to do, what not do, where to go, where not to go, so on and so forth.

We started believing in certain things we were told, as truths. Mr. Sekar said, “Truth is what we believe!” For instance, we are told, “Do not play with fire!” This is plain truth. How do we know this for ourselves? Experience is the entity that adds to the truth. Burning our fingers strengthens the truth for us.

On the other hand, society is an all-powerful entity as well. They make the norms and dictate a certain code of conduct for us to live by! When we start following these norms, we lose our ability to actually realize our goals. Our goals invariably become what the society has dictated to us! For instance, I want to be an engineer, so that I can get a well-paying job and ultimately settle down in life. Having a professional degree is the key to embarking a solid career. So, merely settling down and having a solid career, is one’s goal? Isn’t there much more to life? As human beings, we are all different in so many levels. Even if someone is incredibly talented, let us say, in painting, he/she is trapped because of ‘societal pressure’ and end up letting go of their passions and only do what the so-called society has prescribed as ‘ideal.’ Society is actually driving who we should be! We have lost ourselves in this pursuit of mere knowledge.

Mr. Sekar addressing the crowd

Mr. Sekar addressing the crowd

Mr. Sekar gave an interesting comparison here. We are all like a library full of books, loaded with information. What are we achieving with this information by succumbing to societal pressures and needs? This is where “Wisdom” comes into the picture! We all have the same level of intellect and exposure to information. But, wisdom is what helps us differentiate between what we should and should not do.

Mr. Sekar further tells us how, in reality, knowledge limits our imagination in deciding what we want to be. It clouds our judgement by stopping us from having a free reign over our decisions. We are so used to the mediocrity that we limit ourselves within our cocoon, which is our comfort zone. Since our comfort zone is derived from all our experiences in the past, limiting our imagination.

Our human brain has the ability to achieve anything! So why limit ourselves? How can we overcome this hurdle? The answer is: step out of our comfort zone no matter how difficult it is and start thinking. This is where the power of thought comes into play. Mr. Sekar says that our ability to think is so powerful that it is capable of achieving the unthinkable. Our thoughts can actually translate into achieving our dreams. Constantly thinking about our goals and successful results has a direct impact in our universe. The cosmos enables us to achieve our goals!

You can’t just think about doing something and sit around waiting for it to happen on its own. You have to work hard to achieve your goal. It is the key to success! To sum it all up, imagination, the ability to think out of the box, visualization of our dreams and relentless hard work is what manifests into success.

We thank Mr. Sekar for meeting with us to share his thoughts. The session was extremely engaging and interesting. I’m sure many of us took back so many valuable insights from it.

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About the author: Girijashankar is a Classical Carnatic Vocalist and teacher who loves to perform. He is also a voracious reader and prefers to read books on crime and mystery. He is currently working as a Pre sales Business Executive in Market Simplified.

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