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MSF Family: Seven Years and Counting-Part II

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Captain as he is called in this office, Vinod was a sailor in the Merchant Navy for 9 years prior to joining us. He has seen the world like no one has (literally)  and could name almost all the ports in the world. Probably the only guy in our office who knows all parts of a ship, guess you know why 😉
"Anything can happen over a coffee" is a tag which fits his life best I guess. He was on his way to become a Captain from Chief Officer, so when he landed for his 3 month vacation, he met up with me and my co-founder Nagendra, to just come and see what we were doing as a new start-up. Life took a complete turn for him that day, something he wouldn have imagined even while navigating the biggest ships. His coffee meeting was converted in to an interview without even his knowledge and he was made an offer the very next day. 3rd day he was a Business Strategist @ INXS Technologies.  Known for his passion in everything he does, he is a real sailor in the toughest of seas (economy from 2008 till now). 
With no prior technical background in IT / Mobile industry / domain, Vinod learnt everything with almost no help, yes he reads a lot and learns by talking to people. He completes 7 years with us. 



When I co-founded INXS and our first requirement for a User Experience expert came, I didnt have to think twice before calling Raghavan, who was my ex colleague @ Pacific Multimedia, my previous venture. When he came for the interview, he never spoke a word, all he had was his portfolio, which did all the speaking. Result: What else, he is completing 7 years with INXS Technologies. 
One day, we had to start windows phone development and we had no one who knew .NET / Windows phone programing  . Rags took this opportunity to go on leave for about a month !!!!! He came back as a .NET / Windows phone expert and started the development. 
Speaking about his passion for his work, on one occasion, he was shopping at a mall with his wife on a Sunday. On the way back, when they were passing our office, he asked his wife to get off the car and go back home in an auto. Reason: "I cannot pass office and not go inside ". Dont want to guess what happened when he went home…
You might also want to know that NO meeting takes place without our UX Head. Has anyone given him company during lunch?? If not please try it, you will learn to be patient in life. 
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