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Uttarkhand- Life lessons?

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Many articles and reports have
flooded the dailies giving the gory account of lives lost and properties
damaged.  I for my part have been dreading the headline from June 16 when
this mammoth destruction started.   We could barely fathom the number
of lives lost.  The rescue measure, the blame games of the government has
found articles side by side.  Nevertheless it is one of the worst disasters
in the History of India. 

a corporate,  Market Simplified pitched in  to the Uttarkhand flood
the by collecting funds from our team members, Market Simplified was able to
collect INR 50,000/- towards the same.  Media, corporate s all over India have come
together in this common cause and the relief funds have been executed.

questions raised - Is this a wakeup call by nature to us? Is this
nature way of showing her extremities and a lesson that we could never over
power her however developed as a race we are.  The question is – Are we to
be blamed for the loss of lives? Was it even evident to the people who had
built commercial complexes on the riverbeds and the areas surrounding the Char
Dham area that it was viable for buildings?   Was even a report
or analysis done before the buildings erected…obviously not!!! And sadly the
price paid was quite heavy in the form of lives.  Are we to be blamed as a
human race to bring about the global warming which seems to raise the water
level at this alarmingly high rate? 

the uttarkhand flood was not a single independent episode, there was Calgary
river rising presently, the European flood in June….can we attribute it all to
Global warming and that this is really the wakeup call for us?  To  start thinking globally and act reasonably, rationally
towards the environment, also as far as our country is concerned to start
sticking to rules and to really pull up our socks and be on an alert before we
are caught off guard and let the event take its course?

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