June 2013 -

Client Appreciation

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Accolades, Awards, Appreciation are the three A’s which
seems to have more effect than any amount of Vitamins.  The three A’s have been in abundance to MSIL
in of late and we are not complaining! 
The team’s tireless commitment to our clients has been well rewarded in
the past seven years of Market Simplified

I am proud to say today that one of our earliest and
most  valuable client, OptionsXpress by Charles Schwab has; in appreciation
of the work put in by the team presented mementos and ‘Mobile Merit Award’   to the
entire team that contributed to the product’s success.

Anup Varkey, OptionsXpress , Managing Director-Mobile
Platforms at OptionsXpress by Charles Schwab
came in via skype to congratulate the team despite his ill health. We
greatly appreciate his support for this team that translates his vision into

It is on this strong foundation of appreciation and
comraderie that the MSIL team works. 
Kudos to the entire team and looking forward to more.


Appreciation 2

OPX appreciation

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