April 2013 -

MSF Family: Seven Years and Counting – Part 1

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In this ever changing world of Values and loyalty, Core Team of
Market Simplified  have stood rock solid for seven years building,
nurturing and developing on what they believe in.  Hats off to their commitment
to Market Simplified and its family.  We are completely overwhelmed with
the commitment and the stability that they have shown in these years to the
building of Market Simplified.  It is the core team's sleepless nights of
work that we stand on today. 



 - Was handpicked out of several freshers way back in 2006.
During the interview he came out with an architecture diagram for Information
security for a banking solution. During college he had already worked in
different flavors of Linux. He had acquired skills in multiple programming
languages which helped us during start up mode. Someone had to always wake him
from the reception sofa most mornings. We knew we have an energetic and
passionate programmer way back then. Since 2006 Kumaresan today is
part of the core technology & foundation team of MSF.


Sriram Indusekar– Was a
handpick again in 2006 out of several freshers. He had very strong computer
science fundamental knowledge for a graduate just out of college.
Another workaholic, energetic and passionate programmer. A
multi-versatile when it came in to programming languages. Loved the start up
mode which we were in to. Had no difficulty in convincing him to join a start-up,
as he was focused to join one. Sleeping bag was his forte after long
hours of coding, of course if he is not on his Enfield Bullet on a long ride. 


 - Hiran was with Naturesoft before joining us.
We still remember some '7 ft pillar' walking in to our
office. Hiran was an 'Instant Hire' during the interview itself. The
interview task was just for tradition sake. He breathes only C and C++ and
nothing else. He was the first from God's Own Country to join
us. Hiran was handpicked after we met so many candidates.  A no
compromise guy and never loses his cool. Back
then I was wary about him running back to Kerala . Well, he did not!! A no compromise guy and never loses his
cool. Never used to miss bringing banana chips when he is coming back
from his country. We used to look forward to his arrival in the office for his
banana chips more I guess ! 


- Like Hiran, Prashanth was at Naturesoft too before joining us, and
like Hiran, he is from God's own Country too and was an 'Instant Hire'
too. Back then, Prashanth was way ahead of his peers and few seniors in the
industry when it came to Web development and he's only moved up the chain in
all aspects from a web developer to being part of our CTG.  I'm not
surprised because of the number of sleepless nights and days of coding at office
without going home.Did you know Prashanth is interested in Vedic Mathematics?
Few know that Prashanth worked for the Calicut University and had to automate
their exam evaluation ( Paper Correction !!!) Go figure what loopholes are in
it, he might help you. 


- Could you imagine this Palm OS Guru shifted from Palm OS
to Symbian and then to Android? Vijayaraghavan is an example to most of us in
the IT Industry to keep up with latest trends and keep learning newer and
emerging technologies. This was self learning and determination. From Embedded
programming, to C++, Codewarrior, Symbian OS and now Android!!
 Vijayaraghavan joined us from  Bangalore for Palm OS Development.
Back then it was very difficult to get someone very strong in PalmOS. We had promised him that he can retire in 5 years time
after joining us, and promptly he asked me about it after 5 years. He was told
he can retire !!! Did you know he carries a print out of the Benefits offered
to our employees which we had published in our website 7 years back !!!
 He still wants to retire and that's the reason you will see him working
relentlessly.I'm sure he still likes programming in C++, Codewarrior.
Breaking televisions used to be his hobby, now his car! 



M. Jayavelu: Our first member of family Velu, is also completing seven years with
Market Simplified.  Master of all trades, plumbing to Bank
 Deposit Velu has been a
real ‘Support’ to us.  He holds the family of Market Simplified dear to
his heart and  we hold him dear to us.  Velu for his unending support and loyalty and our greatest
support, wishes to you too my brother for being with Market Simplified India
Limited and being part of its journey.


Our core team members believed in the vision of Market
Simplified and continue to do so.  They are examples of how a start-up can
be one of the leading corporates today, it is their never say die attitude and
that of belief in Market Simplified that has led to the company growth.  I
am sure they will be a source of inspiration to our young and new team members
that it is integrity and belief in the value system that goes a long way and
also teach them to bring more chips and snacks to the office 


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