January 2013 -

Synthesis of your left and right: My Outlook on Managing a company

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According to theory, left brain is more associated with logics, analytics and objectivity; and the right is emotions, intuitions and creativity.

My experience tells me that the need of the hour is lateralization. Today unlike the past, your colleagues who are joining you fresh(Gen Y) have been groomed in a system which is very different from what we or our past generations had been through. Today when someone walks out of school, he or she wants to define his/ her working environment before he/she picks up their career. He/She is used to the freedom of making a choice in his/her life, this freedom is set as the basic expectation into everything that she does be it pursuing his/her passion or her career. Today companies need to adapt to this change, the Chief People Officer/HR needs to be the change agent; now the Chief People Officer/HR will play the role of a catalyst and synthesizing between the left and the right. People have started seeking more to get the sense of belonging in an organization, if you think of it, it does not take much to bridge this gap; today culturally the asking is for a large family kind of work environment.
Everybody needs to be given ownership of their responsibility and if done well the result is quite astonishing. The success lies in managing the blend the left and the right in the right proportion as demanded by the situation.

Being a catalyst myself , my efforts would be to seek for the right blend, to deliver the contentment and happiness to our BOSS- the customer; the rest follows anyways.

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