August 2012 -


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Writer’s block or should I say runner’s block to write
Non writer’s excuses: For what has been happening while I was not active on the blog, here is a sneak preview of my updates on FB(yeah I am regular on that!!)

November 28, 2011:
We (INXS Technologies) are one among the top 50 emerging companies in India selected by NASSCOM. Great show by the team INXS.

June 8 2012:
Heading to Colombo, Srilanka for two days

June 13 2012:
Speed training in Anna Univ track. 7 x 400 fast and 5 x 400 slow and 1 Km crawling to my car 😉
Now off to Mumbai for a day….

June 17 2012
Super Sunday morning run 🙂
Ran 17.48 Kms with Tiger and Senthil.

June 21 2012
Now to Bangalore for a day…..for a change driving down from Chennai 🙂

June 22 2012
Ran 8 Kms in Anna AU and feeling really super…now belting Appams with kadala curry and tenga paaal 😉

June 30 2012
Venkat Rangan among the panelists at TeachSparks 2012 at IIT M, India’s Biggest Startup Discovery Platform

July 8 2012

Down with cervical spondylosis (pain in the neck literally )for the last 4 days. Going through physio treatment now…banned from running till end of next week…this is really frustrating….now off to Mumbai for a day.

July 17 2012

Off to Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia. Will be back this Saturday afternoon. Good day guys 🙂

And just not opening my blog page to write everything that I have been wanting to speak about…refer point one for this 😉

Now some serious stuff what occupied most part of my last year:


Scaling the business, Settling into our new premises, Managing Change and all the celebrations and angst that go along with it.

Amphi theatre

Start of something new is always filled with excitement and anticipation and of course a lot of work to reach there. The excitement of building a start-up is definitely comparable to bringing up a child – each step forward is like a child crawling, walking and eventually running. The biggest learning I have got from this is that there is no instant result or solution, but as along as we learn to be patient and persistent you can make it happen your way. I believe all these lessons good or bad will shape the company and its future.

Front view

There are times when you feel you can sprint a marathon , but just like Rome was not build in a day; so can’t a solid institution, it is not just about bricks and mortar but the strong foundation in terms of ethics, culture, people and business practice that lay the foundation to a strong institution.

Side view office

This has defined our journey from 15 ARK Colony, Alwarpet to 13th Floor Ascendas International Tech Park. We have grown in numbers taking the total team strength from 16 to 100 colleagues now, the square feet from 3500 to 23000; AND 11 to 26 Clients.

Conference room

This year the transition has been huge : Seven colleagues got engaged and eight got married. Four New Daddys 🙂 and one already a movie Star now

In spite of all the stats above we are still are the same team INXS.

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