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2011 – Not just another year of change

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What a start this has been to the new financial year – India picking up the World Cup! A truly comprehensive and a much awaited accomplishment. 2011, am sure has much more in store. Personally, I am hoping to accomplish many an ambitions this year, starting with moving my office premises to a state of the art facility come June. The company has definitely reached great heights in 2010 and laid a very strong foundation to an impressive 2011.

At the outset, with all this euphoria around the corner, I am quite intrigued by the recent show of support to the much publicised anti-corruption movement. Respectable Anna Hazare, sure has shown the youth of this nation a way to initiate change. The media has been quick in covering every aspect of this movement and the celebrity brigade has amply showered its stamp of alliance and support. Everything is going the way one would want. With the recent 2G scam developments, corruption in India is finally under the scanner, Again?

Pardon me for letting the cynic in me voice out this thought, but isn’t all this seemingly convenient? There have been hundreds of such movements across India at various points in time. Some garnering similar media coverage and interest and most nondescript. It is my strong belief that 3 months down the line, this movement, the setting up of Lokpal, the media, the celebrities, the seemingly discerning youth, will all struggle to remember and stick to the core purpose of this movement.

Am not saying what has happened is incorrect or will have no value, but this plague will need a rather different approach, a different solution, a different brigade of policing and monitoring and most importantly a committed political leadership to support such a cause. I don’t at this point in time have a clear method of solution to this problem, however, I have been immensely passionate about the affairs of our country and hence this food for thought.

Regardless of all the cynicism one may have, I do believe that the first steps taken are in the right direction. When done in earnestness, the deed deserves all the acceptance in earnestness. That’s something I try to follow. And maybe, just maybe, the adage “All’s well that ends well” could also be rephrased as “All’s well that begins well”.

Here’s to a great year ahead and best wishes to all.


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