July 2010 -

Anna University Speaking: Ethos and Pathos

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” I am appealing to both the ethics and emotions of the (supposedly)
educated students and also their parents. It gives me great pain to
see my Campus so dirty, and not by some uneducated
people, but by the future students (who come for counseling for
engineering courses) of the University itself!

What value does the education have if you cannot imbibe its essence? Sad are the future
engineers who aspire to build buildings and great structures but fail
to keep their immediate surroundings clean.

Why do these young minds fail to understand that cleanliness is next
to godliness? Is moral science just some subject which you read and
not understand?

Please understand that ALL of you students are ALREADY dreaming of going abroad even before you join you course and dreaming of writing
to your family about the wonderful surroundings in the countries you MIGHT reside.

ALL of you FAIL to understand that those countries are what they are because people like you aspired not to leave the country they live in but to change their own country. Change starts from within…..all of you are seeking the change outside refusing to change within..

As parents it is very important for you to instill these values to your children
very young. When you throw a plastic bottle in the open and not in
the bin, please understand your children will not be different from

A very important landmark and Alma Mater to many, I
deserve to be a better place and I do hope that there not many young
minds who litter their own university but expect miracles from their
country. I am not a exception but an example of the plight of our country

Please educate yourselves…..with all the right things in life….PLEASE”

Yours truly,
Anna University

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